Antti, Guitars

Heikki, Bass

Sebastian, Vocals

Jari, Guitars

Ilari, Drums


Following the steps of the Scandinavian rock-scene, Parasite City certainly haven't gone way over their heads in ploughing through the competition and leaving their own customized footprints in their wake. Their style can be described as a mixture of 80's hard rock and modern street rock. Their songs (played with a "punkish" touch) are melodic and catchy and leave no space for arguments.

The band was formed in 2001 and have based their success on tight playing, charismatic image and most of all, action packed live performances! They have done over 120 gigs and performed in various medias through out the years. They recorded a few demo cd's before making their first official release in 2005 in form of a hit single called Secretly Mine, that was produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa (has produced various big artists such as HIM etc.).

The single soared up the Finnish radio charts and ended up in 2nd place! Parasite City played their first gigs abroad in 2005 when they we're booked to play a few venues in Italy. The tour was a success and soon after, in 2006, they played two full tours in England. They we're well received everywhere! Parasite City was gaining a large underground reputation as one of THE bands in Finland and finnish record companies started taking interest.

The war for the band was eventually won by Hype Records, who signed Parasite City in 2007! Band recorded their debut album during fall '07. First single "No Place Like Home" was released in October '07 and second single "Burn" came out on January '08 and it was followed by album "10 Hits ti K.O." in February. After the album release the band toured around Finland about a year and then it was time to rest a while and start writing new material.

The recordings started in the fall 2009 and Parasite City's second album "Minstrel's Creed" was released in March 2010. It's time to tour again...